Hello Trial Hosts!  We are excited about this opportunity we have created for you.  This is in its infant stages (so please be patient!) and the first thing we want to offer you is the online entry for your contestants.  For this basic option there will be a $10 setup charge plus a $1.50 per entry charge.  This charge will be invoiced to you after your trial.  If you would like other services that at this point would be manually done by me like a list of entrants or a report showing your number of runs per class per trial, please let me know.  This would be an additional charge.

We are working on the following options for you which would require a login and would be done automatically:
1. List of entrants
2. Report showing your number of runs per class per trial
3. Ability to print off run orders
4. Ability to print off score sheets
5. Along with many other things!